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Summer Solstice !

Today we reach peak daytime sunlight, the summer solstice!  As the light lasts longer and day adventures are in order, chances are you'll be biking or driving with the windows down to catch a nice summer breeze.  Chuck on our first play-list and listen to songs that frequent the speakers in the diner.  FYI, the lead off song was written and sung by one of our neighbors and everyday coffee regulars. 
Summer Begins Playlist!

**While spotify serves as an easy platform to compile songs, we still suggest supporting any of the musicians you hear on our playlists by going to their shows, or purchasing from their online merch stores or bandcamp pages**

the Marked Men
Sheer Mag
Bouncing Souls
Trash Knife
Dead to Me
Camp Cope
the Explosion
Best Coast
Rozwell Kid
the Menzingers

Tasty Coffee At Home...

Brewing with AeroPress

Making coffee at home is a morning ritual for a lot of folks around the world.  For our Tasty Coffee at Home video series we're going to explore various ways to brew a good cup at home.  These recipes and methods are personal favorites of ours and aren't meant to be definitive but merely a starting point to finding your favorite cup of coffee.  

The recipe we use on AeroPress is within the profile we like and hope it can help you learn the basics and ease of using the press.

Wallabout Blend (50% Colombian 50% Peruvian)
Parlor Coffee Roasters - Brooklyn, NY

Brew Method: AeroPress
Dose: 21.5 grams
Grind Size: 6.7 on an EK43
30 second bloom
10 second stir
Begin pressing at 1 minute
35-45 second press

Video Shot and Edited by: Adam Peditto
Music: Mesa by Cayetana

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