Easy Cold Brew!

This video in our Coffee at Home series is here to for people to figure out a quick cold brew recipe for themselves.  Have some coffee that might be a little outdated for hot batch?  Cold brew is very forgiving in that final product from a variety beans usually turns out to be the less acidic and smooth coffee beverage that folks have come to love from the method.  The french press cold brew method won't catch all of the fine particulates that a cold brew with a filter would, so the cup will definitely be a bit cloudier than a cold brew at a shop.

As with all of our videos and recipes, we're offering a starting point for you to confidently find your favorite tasting cup of coffee from your own home. Toying around with the recipe and various coffees is encouraged!

Single Origin - Costa Rica La Joya Finca Gravilias
Little Amps Coffee Roasters - Harrisburg, PA

Brew Method: French Press w/ room temp water
Dose: 113g
Grind Size:  Coarse to medium.  8-9 on an EK43
113 g coffee into french press fill water to the top
Wait, 5 minutes, stir.
Set in fridge for 6-12 hours

Video shot & edited by: Adam Peditto
Music: Restorations - "Alright boys, when we get to the airport, there will be absolutely no place to land"